11 Best Music Internships for High School Students

For musically gifted high school students, finding career options in the thriving music industry early on provides invaluable real world exposure. Music spans a various range of fields from being a performing artist, producer or journalist to working in recording labels, licensing firms and instrument manufacturing. Targeted music internships allow teens to experience niche focus … Read more

10 Business Programs for High School Students

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Awesome Environmental Science Project Ideas for High Schoolers

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Top 15 Business Journals to Publish Your Research

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Parent-Teacher Communication Apps/Tools and Challenges

As both a parent and an edtech journalist, I’ve got a front row seat to the digital transformation happening in parent-teacher communication. Like many families, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the endless pings and buzzes from my kids schools invading my devices. Just decoding the avalanche of emails, texts and app notifications feels like … Read more

12 Strategies to Improve Student Focus and Attention Dramatically

12 Strategies to Improve Student Focus and Attention Dramatically Getting kids to pay attention in distraction-filled classrooms is an ongoing battle for teachers. Young minds love to wander, and sustained concentration rarely comes naturally. However, being more strategic and proactive with engagement approaches can work wonders for captivating student focus. Let me share the best … Read more

18 Tips for Making Class Presentations Interactive

18 Tips for Making Class Presentations Interactive Giving presentations is an essential academic and professional skill. But static one-way speeches often cause audience minds to wander and information to be quickly forgotten. Using interactive elements makes presentations more dynamic while improving audience focus, participation, and content retention. Here are the best 15 techniques to enhance … Read more

The 16 Benefits of Multicultural Education

The 16 Benefits of Multicultural Education Our schools today serve student bodies with diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Multicultural education ensures all students feel valued, respected and educated in their identity. It teaches students to thoughtfully live with other cultures. Multi-cultural instruction provides many benefits. In this article, I have shared 16 … Read more

Which Are The Best Courses For Arts Students After 12th?

Which Are The Best Courses For Arts Students After 12th? After passing 12th standard with arts subjects, a common question students have is – what next? With different interests from social sciences to performing arts, liberal arts students have extensive course options to choose from for undergraduate studies and professional training. In this guide I … Read more