CBSE Exam Preparation Tips : Practical Exams 2023; TOP 5 Tips to Score More


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CBSE Exam Preparation Tips : Practical Exams 2023; TOP 5 Tips to Score More

The practical exams of classes 10 and 12 play a big role in the students’ overall board results. The marks scored in practical examinations can either make or break your dreams of further studies, a particular stream/ specialisation, college/ university and much more.

The scores of practical exams can determine a lot! Therefore, in this article we will cover some tips for CBSE Class 10, 12 candidates to score well in the practical board examinations. These CBSE Practical Exam Preparation Tips have been tried and tested over the years and proven to be the best ones. 

1. Concept Clarity: Memorising one or two experiments might be okay but memorising all the experiments in the syllabus might lead to a disaster. Therefore, candidates of CBSE Class 10, 12 practical exams must try to understand the concept behind the experiment. Once you are familiar with the conceptual base, you would be able to understand the principle and put it down well. This will also help you answer the viva voce questions correctly and confidently.

2. Procedure/ Methodology: Procedure is very important for any experiment. Each step is important and should not be missed. Therefore, students must try to make sure that they have read through the all experiment methodologies well. While going through each experiment procedure, students should try to recall how they did it in their classes.

In case you are not able to recall well, you can even refer to online experiment tutorial videos which will help you recall it. Once you recall how you had performed the experiment earlier, you will be able to smoothly write it down without any hard work to memorise it by heart.

3. Diagram practise: Not everyone is good at drawing diagrams, examiners know it. So do not worry about drawing perfect looking artistic diagrams. All you need to do is draw clean and correct figures representing all essential materials, procedures and products. For example, your diagram of a mammalian blastula cell must clearly show the zona albumen, cavity of the blastocyst, zona pellucida and so on. You will be evaluated based on the information illustrated and not the fine art skills. Thus, practise drawing neat diagrams in the given time.

4. Writing practice: For both theory and practical examinations, candidates of CBSE Class 10, 12 board forget to practise writing down the answers and keep focusing on memorising and learning. Both practical and theory exams are time based. Therefore, this board exam tip is one of the most important to score well in CBSE Board practical exam. Practise writing down the complete procedure, observation, and drawing the diagram within the time given. Without practise, you might not be able to complete your answer within the time limit leading deduction of marks.

5. Prepare your senses: Our cognitive abilities and all our senses work best when well rested. Performing well in CBSE Class 10, 12 practical exams is very important and stressing over it or going sleepless in the exam hall will not help you score more. It will only hamper your performance. Not being well rested and calm can lead you to make silly mistakes and lose marks. Therefore, students must get full sleep, eat healthy and go into the examination hall with confidence of performing well and trusting themselves.

BONUS Tip to score more in CBSE Board Practical Exams 2023: Create a checklist of all the things you need for your exams such as Practical Exam Admit Card, School ID Card, Stationery items such as sharpened pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, ruler, geometry kit, etc. This will prevent any panic on the exam day so that you are able to reach your exam centre peacefully, on time.

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