Best Laptops for College Students In 2024 (Models For Every Budget)

best laptop for college students 2024

Heading off to college soon? A laptop is must have tech gear for college students. Right laptop keeps you productive through lectures, research, assignments, and some Netflix too. In this post we will see the top recommended laptops for college across budget levels from solid value picks under $500 to powerful flagship models over $1000. … Read more

Top Science Education and Research Universities in India

Science education in India has witnessed rapid advances aided by premier institutions cultivating world-class researchers and leaders across disciplines. Through a rigorous science curriculum taught by famous faculty, these universities empower students to address pressing challenges through fundamental and applied sciences. In this article we will explore the top science institutes of India based on … Read more

Top Engineering Colleges in India for Undergraduate Studies

Engineering has long been one of the most sought after career choices in India. Through highly competitive entrance exams like JEE, ambitious students vie for admission into the nation’s main engineering colleges that offer world class technical education. In this post we will see India’s best engineering institutions based on academic reputation, industry perceptions, rankings, … Read more

Parent-Teacher Communication Apps/Tools and Challenges

As both a parent and an edtech journalist, I’ve got a front row seat to the digital transformation happening in parent-teacher communication. Like many families, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the endless pings and buzzes from my kids schools invading my devices. Just decoding the avalanche of emails, texts and app notifications feels like … Read more